About Us

TITAN Sound&Light

TITAN Sound&Light Company is a leader in audio, video and lighting technician and specializes in setting up clubs, corporate and private events, conferences, trade fairs.
The passion for our work and expertise are our characteristics. The goal is to convey emotions and content through the best audio video technology and the most spectacular lighting solutions.
Every day we are dedicated to research and innovation to meet the needs of our customers with customized and innovative proposals.


Titan Sound, thanks to its continuous development, provides new technologies for your club


Titan Sound takes care of the chromatic arrangement and thematic set-up with design objects


Titan Sound for meetings and corporate events

Led Wallvery high definition, for interiors and exteriors
Video Mappingprojection on buildings and facades with 3D effects
Lights and effectsfor any interior or exterior space
Audio systemsof any kind for your every need
News and EventsSome of our projects